Sudbury & District Bar Billiards League

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Edwardstone White Horse withdraw from League

As the Edwardstone White Horse gave notice last night (22nd Feb) that they were withdrawing from the League all their results have been extracted from the league table.

Posted: 23rd February 2018 (pm)

Steve Richardson Charity Doubles

Congratulations are extended to John Henderson & Kevin Tobin (Red House All Stars) who lifted the Steve Richardson Doubles Trophy beating Luke Cole-Watts & Andy Hill in the final at the Saracens.

Posted: 29th December 2017 (pm)

K.O. Cup Semi-Finals 2nd Leg

Red House All Stars 3 (5) v The Bay Horse A 4 (9) The Bay Horse B 5 (8) v Edwardstone White Horse 3 (7) The Bay Horse A will now play The Bay Horse B in the Final at the Saracens on Thursday 15th June.

Posted: 19th May 2017 (pm)

K.O. Cup Semi-Finals 1st Leg

The Bay Horse A 5 v Red House All Stars 2 Edwardstone White Horse 4 v The Bay Horse B 3

Posted: 12th May 2017 (am)

K.O. Cup 2nd Round 2nd Leg Results

The Bay Horse A 6 (8) v Hadleigh Cock 1 (6) Cornard Brook 0 (3) v Red House All Stars 7 (11) Taverners 3 (6) v The Bay Horse B 4 (8) Edwardstone White Horse 3 (8) v Saracens 5 (7) Revised Semi-Final Draw The Bay Horse A v Red House All Stars Edwardstone White Horse v The Bay Horse B

Posted: 28th April 2017 (pm)

O/S League Fixture, Red House 'B' v Edwardstone W. H.

As a suitable alternative date could not be found to play this fixture the Edwardstone White Horse have conceded and a 7-0 win has been awarded to Stanningfield Red House 'B'.

Posted: 23rd April 2017 (pm)

K.O. Cup 2nd Round 1st Leg Results

Hadleigh Cock 5 v The Bay Horse A 2 Red House All Stars 4 v Cornard Brook 3 The Bay Horse B 4 v Taverners 3

Posted: 21st April 2017 (pm)

K.O. Cup Results

K.O. Cup 1st Round 2nd Leg: Stanningfield Red House 'B' 4 (6) v Taverners 3 (8) Brook Gloves 4 (6) v Red House All Stars 3 (8) K.O. Cup 2nd Round 1st Leg: Saracens 2 v Edwardstone White Horse 5 Revised K.O. Cup 2nd Round Draw Hadleigh Cock v The Bay Horse A Red House All Stars v Cornard Brook The Bay Horse B v Taverners Saracens v Edwardstone Wild Horses

Posted: 14th April 2017 (pm)

K.O. Cup 1st Round 1st Leg Results

Taverners 5 v Stanningfield Red House 'B' 2, Red House All Stars 5 v Brook Gloves 2. The tie between Hadleigh Cock and Brewery Tap was forfeited by the Brewery Tap.

Posted: 13th April 2017 (pm)

Eric Clarke Memorial Shield

All eleven league teams sent a representative to Hadleigh Cock to contest the Eric Clarke Memorial Shield. Some great games of bar billiards took place and Luke Cole-Watts (Brook Gloves) beat Melvin Tilbury (Hadleigh Cock) 1600-1590 in the final.

Posted: 1st April 2017 (pm)

Eric Clarke Memorial Shield

Posted: 1st April 2017 (pm)

Re-arranged Match

The previously cancelled match between Hadleigh Cock and the Taverners has been arranged for Sunday 19th February with an 8.00pm start.

Posted: 15th February 2017 (am)

Steve Richardson Charity Doubles

This was a very well attended event with 18 pairs participating. Two preliminary rounds and eight 1st round contests were played. Those making it through to the next round were: Simon Tonkins & Tyke Tonkins (Cornard Brook), Dick Cheshire & Chip Millins (Saracens), Simon Heard & Adam Baalham (Corard Brook), Tracy Reeve & Kieran Pettit (Bay Horse 'B'), Kevin Tobin & Matt Leeks (Red House All Stars), Ian Furlonger & Ken Drake (Saracens), Steve Hale & Jason Lawrence (Bay Horse 'A') and Graham Rolfe & David Willis (Hadleigh Cock). The final rounds will be played on Thursday 29th December.

Posted: 16th December 2016 (pm)

K.O. Cup Final

Hadleigh Cock and The Bay Horse met at Cornard Five Bells in this years K.O. Cup Final. The Bay Horse took an early lead by winning both doubles and this was extended when the opening singles also went the way of the Sudbury team. The Cock stopped the rot in the following game but the tie was over as a contest in the next as The Bay made it 4-1. The two remaining games were shared giving a 5-2 scoreline in favour of The Bay Horse.

Posted: 12th June 2016 (pm)

K.O. Singles & K.O. Doubles

The players are now known who will be contesting the singles and doubles on Finals Night and are as follows: SINGLES:Ian Furlonger (The Saracens), Doedy Munson (Edwardstone Wild Horses), Graham Rolfe (Hadleigh Cock) and Dick Cheshire (The Saracens). DOUBLES: Alasdair Carnegie & Jason Lawrence (The Bay Horse) and Melvyn Willis & Doedy Munson (Edwardstone Wild Horses).

Posted: 3rd June 2016 (pm)

K.O. Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg

Hadleigh Cock 5 (11) v Brewery Tap 2 (3). The Final will be between Hadleigh Cock and The Bay Horse at Cornard Five Bells on the 9th June.

Posted: 16th May 2016 (am)

K.O. Cup Semi-Finals

K.O. Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg: The Bay Horse 5 (9) v Edwardstone Wild Horses 2 (5) K.O. Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg: Brewery Tap 1 v Hadleigh Cock 6

Posted: 13th May 2016 (am)

K.O. Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg

Edwardstone Wild Horses 3 v The Bay Horse 4 Hadleigh Cock v Brewery Tap cancelled and rearranged for Sunday 15th May.

Posted: 6th May 2016 (am)

Landlords Cup & Ladies K.O. Cup

Both these competitions were held at the The Tavern. The event was well supported with John Henderson (Stanningfield Red House) winning the Landlords Cup and Tracy Reeve (Edwardstone Wild Horses) being victorious in the Ladies K.O.

Posted: 30th April 2016 (am)

K.O. Cup Quarter-Finals 2nd Leg

Hadleigh Cock 5(8) v The Saracens 2(6) Stanningfield Red House 3(4) v The Bay Horse 4(10) Taverners 2(2) v Edwardstone Wild Horses 5(12) Mill Green Pirates 3(7) v Brewery Tap(7) Brewery Tap won the decider. The revised draw for the Semi-Finals is now: Hadleigh Cock v Brewery Tap Edwardstone Wild Horses v The Bay Horse

Posted: 22nd April 2016 (pm)

K.O. Cup Quarter -Finals 1st Leg

The Saracens 4 v Hadleigh Cock 3 The Bay Horse 6 v Stanningfield Red House 1 Edwardstone Wild Horses 7 v Taverners 0 Brewery Tap 3 v Mill Green Pirates 4

Posted: 15th April 2016 (am)

K.O. Cup Preliminary Round 2nd Leg

Memphis Belles 1 v Hadleigh Cock 6 Hadleigh Cock eased through to the quarter-finals with a convincing 13-1 aggregate win against the Memphis Belles. They will now meet The Saracens.

Posted: 8th April 2016 (am)

K.O. Cup Preliminary Round 1st Leg

Hadleigh Cock 7 v Memphis Belles 0

Posted: 1st April 2016 (am)

Eric Clarke Memorial Shield

All 9 teams from the League sent a representative to Hadleigh Cock to contest the Eric Clarke Memorial Shield. Spectators were treated a night of excellent bar billiards with the eventual winner being David Willis (Hadleigh Cock) who beat Luke Cole-Watts (Memphis Belles)2700-1010 in the final.

Posted: 27th March 2016 (am)

The Bay Horse Clinch Title

A 6-1 home win against the Taverners ensured that The Bay Horse won the League title with one match to go. Runners-Up spot is still up for grabs with Hadleigh Cock, The Saracens & Edwardstone Wild Horses vying for that position.

Posted: 4th March 2016 (am)

Outstanding Fixture

The match between The Bay Horse v The Saracens was played last evening. The Saracens had leapfrogged The Bay Horse to the top of the table the previous week but a resounding 5-2 victory to the home side puts them back in pole position.

Posted: 18th February 2016 (pm)

Steve Richardson Doubles

The final rounds of the Steve Richardson Doubles were completed at Hadleigh Cock where Luke Cole-Watts & Andy Hill (Memphis Belles) were victorious. In an absorbing final they got the better of Malcolm Tennick & David Willis (Hadleigh Cock) 1690-810.They had earlier scored 2590 and 1950 in progressing to the final.

Posted: 10th January 2016 (am)

Steve Richardson Doubles

The Steve Richardson Charity Doubles was held at Hadleigh Cock. Sixteen pairs entered with the first round being completed. The final rounds will be played at the same venue on Thursday 7th January 2016.

Posted: 20th December 2015 (am)

Fixtures played Thursday 8th October

As has been the case in the past gremlins have been working away so that the results from the 1st week of the season have not been able to be loaded onto the results section of the website. Please bear with us while this problem is fixed. Edwardstone Wild Horses 2.5 v The Bay Horse 4.5 Hadleigh Cock 6 v The Saracens 1 Taverners 5 v Mill Green Pirates 2 Memphis Belles 3 v Brewery Tap 4

Posted: 10th October 2015 (am)

Season 2015-2016

The fixture list for the forthcoming season has now been loaded onto the website. So long as weekly results are sent to the Secretary by Captain's promptly on a Friday following matches the site will be updated as quickly as possible.

Posted: 5th October 2015 (pm)

Finals Night

A well attended and successful Finals Night was held at Stanningfield Red House. After the singles K.O. semi-finals the final was contested between Jeff Bridges (Edwardstone Wild Horses) and Del Atton (Brewery Tap) with the former running out a 2910-1180 winner. The doubles K.O. final saw Memphis Belles pair Andy Hill & Luke Cole-Watts beat Chris Cass & Dennis Watts (Mauldons Adders) 1420-1170. Thanks were extended to the ladies who sold the raffle tickets and landlady Pauline for hosting the evening. Nigel Collings of IES our sponsors then presented the trophies.

Posted: 26th June 2015 (pm)

K.O. Cup Final

The Brewery Tap hosted this years K.O. Cup Final between Hadleigh Cock and Edwardstone Wild Horses. A large tentative crowd saw the Hadleigh team take a 3-1 lead only to be pulled back to 3-3. A pulsating last game decider between Dave Willis and Doedy Munson saw the Hadleigh man come from behind to claim victory for his team.

Posted: 19th June 2015 (am)

K.O. Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg

Hadleigh Cock 6 (9) v The Bay Horse 'A' 1 (5) Edwardstone Wild Horses 7 (11) v Stanningfield Red House 0 (3) The Final will therefore be between Hadleigh Cock and Edwardstone Wild Horses at the Brewery Tap on Thursday 18th June.

Posted: 22nd May 2015 (am)

K.O. Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg

The Bay Horse 'A' 4 v Hadleigh Cock 3 Stanningfield Red House 3 v Edwardstone Wild Horses 4

Posted: 19th May 2015 (pm)

Landlords & Ladies K.O. Cup

Both events were held at The Bay Horse where 3 Landlords entered and there were 5 Ladies in the K.O. Cup. Landlord and host Chris Drake took full advantage of playing on his home table winning both his matches in a round robin competition. John Henderson (Stanningfield Red House) was runner up. In the Ladies Tracy Reeve (Edwardstone Wild Horses) proved too strong for her opponents and beat Elaine Wright (Stanningfield Red House) in a knock-out competition.

Posted: 10th May 2015 (pm)